SYDVESTOR Business structure

Corporate Finance

Maritime Energy Infrastructure
Aquaculture/ Seafood
Maritime Transportation Infrastructure
Real Estate
  • Financial advisory
  • Mergers & acquisitions
  • Corporate and business valuations
  • Private placements
  • Public offerings
  • Debt placements
  • Divestments
  • Financial restructuring
  • Project finance

Shipsinvest AS

Established in 2010 as a financial ship owning company
  • Has invested approx. NOK 300m (Equity)
  • Invest in single purpose shipowning    companies
  • Aims to pay yearly dividends to the shareholders
  • Has a historic average dividend level of approx. 8% pa (since 2011)
  • Expects to deliver an IRR for each project in the range of 15-20%
  • Invest in vessels with long term BB/TC contracts with solid counterparties

Business Management

Business Management involves responsibility for administration of project companies including accounting, reporting and advisory services. Efficient reporting is established for distributing information to investors, Banks and Authoroties. 

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