Asset management

Asset Management is an independent business activity within Sydvestor AS offering portfolio management services. Most of the assets are invested in the Nordic stock market.

Our clients are mainly businesses in private and public sector, pension funds, foundations and wealthy individuals and companies. 

Our investment focus is based on the following fundamental criteria:

  • Financial strength
  • Cash flow
  • Earnings
  • Growth
  • Market position
  • Stock price
  • Management

We switch focus to bonds and overweight cash when the relation between return and risk in stocks are not attractive. We seek the highest possible performance through allocation and stock picking based on a long time investment horizon.

Portfolio management is a licensed service. 

The client enters into a separate agreement with Sydvestor AS, granting Sydvestor AS authority to make investment decisions for and on behalf of the client and in accordance with the client’s mandate and risk profile. The client will be the owner of the securities and they will be held on separate security accounts.

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